Crypto-Loving DeSantis Defends Digital Currency, Bashes CBDCs

• Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defends digital currency and bashes the idea of CBDCs.
• Biden’s administration has been working on an anti-crypto agenda in 2021 to control the industry.
• DeSantis believes that crypto can help people establish monetary independence, and opposes a digital dollar created by the federal government.

Florida Governor Defends Crypto

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently issued a statement defending digital currency, taking issue with the ongoing, anti-crypto agenda enforced by President Biden’s administration. DeSantis believes that one of the reasons for this is because they cannot control it, and wants everyday Americans to have access to crypto as a means of establishing monetary independence and autonomy. Additionally, he opposes any kind of central bank digital currency (CBDC) which would give regulators too much power over common people’s financial activities.

Biden’s Anti-Crypto Agenda

President Biden initiated a new infrastructure bill in 2021 that aimed to force crypto owners to report their transactions come April 15th 2024. He also proposed a 30 percent tax on all crypto mining companies to allegedly push environmental change in the U.S., and worked on implementing an Obama-era policy preventing all businesses delving into blockchain from gaining access to traditional banking products or services like checking accounts.

DeSantis‘ Viewpoint

DeSantis believes that if someone wants to invest in crypto, they should be able to do so without any interference from the government or other third parties. He also does not support any form of digital dollar created by federal institutions, as he says it would take away freedom from everyday citizens and give regulators too much control over economic activities.

The Future of Crypto

It remains unclear what will happen with cryptocurrency under this current presidency, but it is clear that DeSantis will continue fighting for individuals‘ rights when it comes to their money and investments – including those made via digital currencies such as bitcoin or ethereum.


In conclusion, Ron De Santis stands alongside many other prominent figures who are pushing for greater freedom with regards to cryptocurrency investments. His stance supports those who believe in establishing monetary autonomy through decentralized forms of currency while opposing any attempts at centralizing power over economic activity by introducing CBDCs or digital dollars controlled by federal institutions or banks