eCash Bull Run: Is the Price Rally Over?

Overview of eCash

• eCash is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions to crypto users and support Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.
• The asset has seen positive progress in February 2023, with its 30-day high at $0.00004428 and its 30-day low at $0.00003424.
• The network recently announced the Avalanche Pre-Consensus upgrade which will reduce the confirmation time of a transaction from 10 minutes to just a few seconds, making it faster than Proof-of-Work reliant cryptos like Bitcoin.

Recent Price Gains

eCash has seen recent price gains due to different factors on the eCash network. On January 23rd, 2023, the asset’s price finally broke above the $0.00002 price level at $0.00003028 and since then it has been trading around this level with occasional dips or rises depending on market conditions. This is an indication that investors are betting big on this asset and its underlying technology as it offers more scalability and cost efficiency compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Avalanche Post-Consensus

The Avalanche Post-Consensus upgrade provides 51% attack prevention on the eCash network which is vital for miners since eCash shares the same SHA256 algorithm with Bitcoin (BTC). With this consensus, individual nodes form a consensus to finalize blocks on the network. If random or late blocks appear on the network in an attack, miners will agree to ignore these as it can be detected easily by comparing timestamps between different nodes in real time.

Avalanche Pre-Consensus

On January 30th, 2023, Avalanche Pre-Consensus was announced on the eCash Network which offers almost instant transaction finalization where transactions are irreversible once finalized. This upgrade will validate each transaction before adding it to a block and reduce the confirmation time of a transaction from 10 minutes to only a few seconds – making it faster than other PoW reliant cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC). This new upgrade will launch soon on the network which could reward investors with even bigger profits if successful implementation takes place within scheduled timelines predicted by developers working behind this project.

eCash Price Prediction

Currently trading at $0.00003694 in last 24 hours – although there has been some downturn in prices lately – analysts predict that if all goes according to plan and developers stick by their timeline for implementing upgrades such as Avalanche Pre-consensus effectively into their blockchain then we can expect further gains from hereon out and possibly even long term return growth for those investing into this crypto asset now while prices are still relatively low compared to what they potentially could be in future months/years ahead depending upon how successful adoption of these technologies ends up being overall across wider markets – but only time will tell!