Start Your Crypto Journey Today with Coin Flip’s Olliv Platform

•Coin Flip is launching a new crypto platform called Olliv to help beginners invest and trade in digital currencies.
•Olliv offers self-custodial wallets, giving users control over their assets and data while eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.
•The goal of Olliv is to make cryptocurrency more accessible and give people individual ownership of their assets.

Coin Flip Introduces Olliv

Coin Flip – a leading crypto and fintech company – is introducing a new platform called Olliv to make investing in cryptocurrency easier for beginners. The product offers self-custody wallets, allowing users to maintain control over not only their assets, but also their data and identities, thus adhering to all the initial goals of blockchain and crypto.

Safety & Inclusivity

The product is designed to be safe, inclusive, and self-custody-powered, ensuring everyone who invests or trades in crypto gains access to simple financial services like they would in any other market. This helps open up the door for a new generation of traders who may not have the same level of financial knowledge or background as others already on the market.

Eliminating Third Parties

One of the big goals behind Olliv is to give more people a chance to enter the crypto arena by omitting all middlemen, third parties, and prying eyes from the picture so that users can buy, sell, trade, and receive digital currencies without relying on external sources for help. Additionally, customers can use their holdings to make everyday purchases as well as access previously hard-to-buy assets such as precious metals, real estate, energy etc., without needing assistance from intermediaries.

Breaking Barriers with Cryptocurrency

Coin Flip’s CEO Ben Weiss commented: “With the launch of Olliv our goal is to demystify cryptocurrency and create an inviting community for everyone.“ Chief technology officer Rory Herriman added: “We envision a future where everyone can participate in the digital economy […] Our vision for Olliv is to innovate and break down barriers around safety security and sovereignty.“

Sign Up & Get Bonuses

In addition Coin Flip is offering incentives such as $12 bonus when customers sign up as well as referral bonuses up to $3000; making it easier than ever before for anyone interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency investments.