Victim of Crypto Fraud in Canada Gets $155K Back!

Overview of Canadian Crypto Fraud Victim Getting Money Back

– A fraud victim in Winnipeg, Canada lost more than $168,000 to a digital currency scam last October.
– Much of the money has been recovered due to timely intervention by law enforcement.
– The incident highlights the need for stronger regulations following the collapse of FTX.

Victim Loses Significant Funds

In October 2020, an individual from Winnipeg, Canada was scammed out of 5.8 units of bitcoin after being directed to purchase crypto over three months without their knowledge. The funds were then transferred overseas and converted into Tether, a stable asset.

Law Enforcement Intervention

Police discovered the fraudulent activity and intervened to return around $155,000 worth of stolen funds back to the original owner. Constable Dani McKinnon from the public information office in Winnipeg commented on how law enforcement managed to trace the crypto assets: “Police utilize certain techniques to trace crypto assets as they are moved. In some cases, the timely tracking of crypto assets can identify opportunities for law enforcement intervention.“

FTX Collapse Highlights Need For Regulations

The incident shines a light on the need for more advanced regulations as a result of FTX’s collapse last November when its founder sought aid from Binance and initiated a buyout that never occurred. Sam Bankman-Fried resigned from his post soon after and is now awaiting trial for allegedly misusing customer funds to purchase real estate and pay off loans for Alameda Research.


This case shows that there is hope even in situations where crypto is stolen or taken away – with timely intervention by law enforcement, it may be possible to recover some or all of your money back if you become a fraud victim in Canada or elsewhere. With this in mind, governments should strive towards implementing more stringent regulations in order to better protect individuals who invest in digital currencies from becoming victims themselves.