Wirex and Visa Expand Reach to 40 Countries: Crypto-Enabled Debit Cards Here!

• Wirex and Visa have signed a long-term global partnership that will expand the reach of Wirex to 40 new countries
• The partnership builds on the existing relationship between the two companies, which includes providing a crypto-linked Visa debit card in the US
• With this expansion, Wirex will be able to offer crypto-enabled debit and prepaid cards in over 40 countries

Wirex and Visa Sign Long-Term Partnership

Wirex and Visa recently announced signing a long-term global partnership. This move will allow Wirex to expand its reach to a total of 40 new countries, including the UK and Asia Pacific region.

Existing Relationship Between Companies

The deal is building on the existing relationship between the two firms. In 2015, Wirex became first company ever to offer crypto-enabled debit card. They also hold principal membership status with credit card issuer in Europe.

Crypto Enabled Debit Cards Offered by Wirex

With this expanded partnership, Wirex will be able to directly issue crypto enabled debit and prepaid cards in over 40 countries. This allows users to buy and sell a number of cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies.

Benefits for Both Companies

This upgraded partnership provides a lot of benefits for both companies. It allows them to innovate further and collaborate in major markets across globe. It also increases customer base for Wirex as it now has access to more than 5 million users worldwide.


The long-term strategic global partnership between Wirex and Visa is beneficial for both parties involved as it allows them to access more markets across the globe while expanding their customer base at same time.